Max Maneater

Max Maneater made her burlesque debut on a dare and fell in love with the Angels. Since then, she’s been revving up the audience with gender-bendy routines and a ton of glitter.

Max sure appreciates the hard side of femininity. From hard hats to handcuffs, her performances combine glitz and grunge to push back on boring stereotypes. Fight the patriarchy!

You may have seen her in Open Bra, the Muppets Tribute Show, or the Leap Day Vagina Show as a TiT (Teaser in Training), or making an appearance at PEEP!, Amazing Tails or Punk Rock Night. She isn’t afraid of a challenge, and loves working with troupes and independent performers all across Indy.

There is something so moving when you hear “real is sexy”. It’s tough to find women deviant enough to love themselves, and in Angel Burlesque we appreciate folks in every age and on every stage. Max says she can’t imagine feeling more loved – and loving herself – as much as she is right now.