Angel Burlesque Happy Thanksgivings!

From families to burly friends, jobs and more, here are some things we Angels are thankful for!

angels1One of our newest Angels, Selina Prince:
 I am thankful for my family, having a job that I love (most of the time), and all the wonderful new people who have entered my life this year and the opportunity to participate in such a fabulous hobby! This has definitely been a pivotal year for me in a lot of ways!
Founder and Angel Burlesque CEO, Katie Angel:
I am so thankful to have a creative outlet in my life and a place where I can dress up and play pretend. And, I am thankful for you all!!!


Multi-tasking and Ingenius Angel, Frankie Spanxx:
I'm thankful for my blood family and my burlesque family. Both have helped so much in some really tough times. Oh and coffee. .. Mmmm coffee
The sultry and spiciest peach of an Angel we know, Ginger Peach:
I am thankful to have such amazing and talented women and men in my life, who inspire and support me so much in my burly family. I am thankful for the support and love of my genetic family and my husband.
Super hot and splendorific Angel, Coty Foxfire:
 I am thankful for my growing family & food. bean casserole.... mashed potatoes.... all of the food (this year!)
Lola LaVacious Katie AngelA newer Angel, the creatively delightful Maggie Missile:
I am thankful for my new burly family, a wonderful boyfriend who gets my crazy self and supports both of my lives. I am also thankful for my loving and amusing fur-babies and great family members who are forgiving of not seeing me as often as they would like.
Irresistibly sassy Angel, Mona S'Amor:
I'm grateful for a job that I love, that pays the bills, and still gives me enough time to work on my other passions in life.
The ever so lovely and huggable Angel, Lola LaVacious:
Thankful to be surrounded by kind loving creative friends and having burlesque as an outlet for my silliness. A kickass real life job that pays me really well to help dude and craycray spoiled kitties!
Another one of our fantastic new Angels, Karma D'Light:
I am thankful for my family, my true friends who have stood the test of time, my new burlesque family, expressing my true self, my two beautiful cats, and my new company.
Short and sweet web fiend at large, Angel Minnie Ryder: 
I'm thankful for my family, my super heart partner husband, my little kiddos, friends, and oh-so-wonderful, supportive, and loving burlesque family and friends. I am also very thankful to be able to have work in a field which I am passionate, and have such an amazing creative outlet, burlesque. Every day I'm thankful for this life!

That's a fantastic list but wait there's more! A Few of our Teasers-in-Training have a few things in store!

teasersEver so gracious L Ady Macbreast: 
Burly fam, Selina Prince, glitter, TiTs, glittertits, new fam! Tiny glitter baby! Burly confidence that's helped me Breastfeed like a badass! #teamboobsout
Fav Katie Angel quote EVAR: "yeah you like stretch marks? Yeah you do, I got some riiiight here." Fierce.
The graceful and divine Gwen De'Lyn:
I'm thankful for my wonderful family and friends! This year though I'm thankful that I finally am able to feel comfortable in my own skin; I have to thank the Angels of Angel Burlesque; my fellow TiTs; and my amazing fiancee I love each and everyone of you beautiful ladies and gentlemen! Happy Thanksgiving!
Super Hot and dancetastic Steamie Nicks:
I am thankful for my daughter & supportive family, my husband working so late and 7 days of week for his girls, and the ability to wake up each day and be able to dance! I am also thankful for ALL of you! Happy Thanksgiving and much!
The Witty Doc Toru Nicorn:
I'm thankful for dihydrogen monoxide, combustion, Maillard reactions, Sharpies, platonic solids, Maggie Missile, and Angel Burlesque!
And most of all, a big thank you and hugs to our fans for sharing our experiences with us and coming to our shows! We love you! XOXOXO and Happy Thanksgiving!