Burlexplanation: What's Yours?


This week's Burlexplanation brought to you by:
Minnie Ryder and spray adhesive craft glue

A few days after a recent show my curious three year old discovered remnants of Mommy's "Dance Party" night on the side of my calf. After a quick glance at the large black circular shape of gunk with lines criss-crossing through it my ever so supportive hubby states "There must be a burlexplanation for this one". Hence, a new name was born for the mishaps, trials, and/or leftovers relative to practicing the broadly creative art form of burlesque.





legshotThis is one of the more common residual effects of a performance. While dressing, I discovered an unseemly rip in my black fishnets, most likely caused by my sharp-as-a-knife big toenail I was too busy to clip. The hole was temporarily repaired with a hefty amount of spray adhesive craft glue. Lesson learned: clip my toenails. I know, rookie mistake, right? However I believe as we make mistakes we can educate and bring all performers closer together on our journey in the burlesque realm in hopes of perfecting our craft. There are certain to be plenty of burlexplanation-driven cautionary tales to share along the way.

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